Candidate Appeals Procedure

Candidates wishing to appeal must do so within 14 days of receiving the disputed assessment decision and are advised to keep copies of all documents relating to the appeal.

It is ultimately the responsibility of the Director of the school to ensure that this procedure is published and accessible to all personnel, candidates and any relevant third parties. However, the tutors specific to each qualification are responsible for ensuring this information is fully understood by their candidates who commence courses/programmes in their area.

Stage 1

The appeal should be made, in the first instance, to the assessor who made the original assessment decision. At this stage, a verbal appeal is acceptable, although the candidate is recommended to put the appeal in writing. The assessor should explain his/her rationale for the decision that is being disputed. The assessor is required to record an overview of the appeal and the outcome of the discussion and forward this to the Director to retain with the school’s assessment and appeals records.

Stage 2

If candidates remain dissatisfied with the assessment decision and wish to challenge the outcome of Stage 1, then they are required to appeal in writing to the Director of The DJ School within 14 working days of the Stage 1 process.

The Director will write to the candidate to acknowledge receipt of the appeal within 10 working days and outline the course of action to be taken. The Director will carry out an investigation, ensuring that another appropriately qualified assessor and/or internal verifier is involved in the review, and will write to the candidate within 20 working days with the findings and a decision as to whether the appeal was justified.

Candidates are required to provide as much information as possible regarding the disputed assessment decision. The information should include:

  • the date and type of the assessment (ie observation of practical work, assessment of a set task/assignment, result of an internally assessed question paper)
  • the name of the assessor involved
  • a brief outline of the reason for the appeal
  • any associated documents (ie candidate evidence, record of feedback from the assessor involved).

Upon receipt of the appeal the Director will contact the relevant person required to conduct an appropriate review of the evidence and an independent assessor or internal verifier may review/reassess the candidate’s work against the assessment criteria for the qualification, where required. One of the following decisions will be communicated to the candidate by the Director in writing within 10 working days of the decision having been made. This will be to either:

  • uphold the original assessment decision
  • offer the candidate an opportunity for a resit/reassessment free of charge
  • overturn the original decision.

These decisions will be recorded.

The decision will also be communicated to the original assessor and also the assessor/internal verifier who assisted in Stage 2 of the appeal. Copies of records of appeals are retained with the assessment and appeals records. The DJ School Ltd. will retain records of appeals for a minimum period of five years.

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