Other Services

Other Services

Digital Development

The DJ School carries out their own digital production using only in-house staff. This includes design and code of all their websites, design of all their promotional material, all their video promos and everything else you see. As a result of this The DJ School have worked with various large companies throughout the UK, including leading clubs and bars, local councils, charitable organisations and hundreds of local businesses.

Website design and development

The DJ School design and develop websites from scratch. Helping their clients right from the initial idea all the way to advertising on the Internet. We follow all the latest trends on the Internet including social networking sites and current web 2.0 design standards. This has helped us achieve many succesful websites online which attract over 40,000 hits every month.

Graphic design

Promotion is one of the most important steps a business needs to make to ensure it's success. We help businesses to achieve this success by providing them with the best quality promotional products including flyers, posters, business cards and various other printed items. We also work very closely with our clients to see that these products are utilised in the most efficient way possible. We have always seen an increase in business for every company that we have worked with.

Film production

Corporate videos, music videos, documentaries, audio/visual productions, pretty much anything, just ask... We produce all of our inhouse videos ourselves which include various promotional videos and club nights. We work closely with a film production company in Manchester on bigger projects so we can produce any video of any scale.

Audio production

Need a jingle recording? A song producing? Or sound for a movie? We have a team of expert sound engineers who have worked with leading artists and some of the largest companies in the UK. We can do pretty much any job so if you have an idea for something get in touch for a chat.


We have vast knowledge and experience in running studios and schools, this is why major companies such as the Ministry of Sound have asked us previously to help them set up similar studios and projects. Not only do we offer consultation services in the UK we have also worked worldwide. If you are interested please just phone us for information.

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