Basic DJ Workshop

Basic DJ Workshop

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Course Outline

The Basic DJ course is designed for young people with no previous DJ experience. The young people soon learn the skills needed to spin the tunes at the next party: setting up equipment, drop-mixing and beat-matching on vinyl decks. Scratching techniques, the use of effects and basic music theory are also introduced.


Students do not need any previous experience or knowledge to attend this course.

Class size

10 max for workshop.

Course Breakdown

The workshops are for small groups of 6 - 10 people of any age or skill. They include two DJ setups, one for the tutor to teach students in pairs, the other for students to experiment on. The workshop includes:

  • Equipment set up, including Health & Safety, testing and where to buy equipment.
  • Relate to Music Styles and their relevant BPM’s. Understand the basic idea of “beats and bars.”
  • Understand how to identify a tempo of a record, identify pitch difference and how to adjust the pitch using the pitch control on a deck.
  • Beat match two records together.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the workshop the student will be able to:

  • Set up equipment safely and trouble shoot any faults encountered.
  • Understand the relationship between BPMs and musical styles.
  • Beat match two records together.
  • Use EQ effectively.
  • Mix acapella with beats.
  • Work to a deadline.


Students completing the workshop only will receive a certificate saying they have completed the short workshop.

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