Fun Days

Party In The Park

This is an example of one of the many projects we have held in the past. We can work with you to meet any deliverables you may have.


Bringing the community together is an important part of The DJ School. This is why we love to help out at fun days or events around the country. We can provide everything for any event, any size. Whether it's a small night in a community hall or a massive event in a park we have the necessary staff and equipment to help you out.

Not only can The DJ School provide the DJ, we can also provide a tutor. This allows there to be a party feel to the event but can also be educational.

Example Activities

These are some of the events we have done in the past.

  • Shirebrook's Got Talent
    • This was a huge event held in the town centre of Shirebrook. We had bands, competitions and music all day long. The DJ School were in charge of the music, equipment and stage. We also provided a presenter to control the proceedings of the competition while keeping the crowd entertained.
  • New Houghton Health Day
    • This event was held in a park in New Houghton. It was aimed to raise the awareness of why it is important to be healthy. The DJ School provided a broad range of music throughout the day including DJ's and singers.
  • Bolsover Fun Day
    • This community event was held in Bolsover Park. The DJ School provided two set ups for this event. A main stage DJ providing music and making announcements, plus a smaller tent where people could go learn about DJing and have a go on the equipment.
  • Hornscroft Park Gala
    • We were booked to come and provide music for this gala, but at the same time allow people to come and have a go on the equipment and get a brief introduction into the music industry.
  • Shirebrook Action Sports Festival
    • This was a big outdoor event for young people and it was based around action sports. For example Skateboarding, Climbing, Laser Quest etc. We were booked because we connect with young people extremely well and can provide entertainment for them throughout a day. We also allowed the young people to learn how to DJ.

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