Full DJ Course

Full DJ


The full DJ course consists of our three smaller courses, the basic, intermediate and advanced DJ courses.

We only teach one-on-one to ensure the student can learn at their own pace and not feel any pressure, plus the student gets to use all of the equipment at any time.

Course Breakdown

  • Equipment set up, including health and safety and where to buy.
  • Relate to Music Styles and their relevant BPM's. Understand the basic concept of "beats and bars".
  • Understand how to identify a tempo of a record, identify pitch difference and how to adjust the pitch using the pitch control on a deck.
  • Beat match two records together.
  • Extended beat matching and how to adjust minor tempo mismatches.
  • Have a basic concept of EQ and how to utilise this in a DJ set.
  • Tips on record selection for building the right sets. How to record a "Live" set into a computer. One to one tuition.
  • Advanced beatmatching, blending and cutting.
    • Professional tips to iron out any bad habits.
    • Resolves any problems with your mixing.
    • EQ, monitoring and headphone levels.
    • Panning and levels.
  • Matching phrases and placing mixes professionally.
  • Performance tricks including spin backs, stops and more.
  • Matching rhythms and avoiding key clashes.
  • Advanced CD mixing.
    • Using Pioneer CDJ1000's
    • Vinyl mode, pitch controls and time-stretching.
    • Creating cue points and loops.
    • Using hot cue function to trigger samples.
  • Adding FX and Hot Mixing (sampling).
    • Learn to best places to add effects to enhance your mixes.
    • Use the latest in effects technology - Kaoss Pad.
  • MP3 mixing using Traktor Studio through regular turntables.
    • Sampling and scratching using Traktor.
    • Hot cues in Traktor.
  • Mixing harmonically and creating the perfect mix CD.
    • Learn the secrets Tiesto and all pro DJ's use.
    • Record your mix CD and add track points using Audacity.
  • Mixing with three or more decks and deck FX.
    • Acapella mixing.
  • Back-cueing.
  • Scratching
    • Baby scratch, tear etc.
    • Transform, Flare, Crab etc.
  • DJing with Ableton Live
  • Make your own track using Logic Pro.
  • Promoting yourself online and setting up your own website.
  • How to be famous.
    • How to get work
    • How to get paid
    • Contracts etc.

How this course will help?

  • Research shows that with a qualification and training you are 70% more likely to get hired.
  • You will feel more confident when first performing as you will have knowledge and secrets from the industrys best backing you up


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Course Details

  • Length: 33 Weeks
  • Cost: £1550 inc VAT
  • Studio Time: 2 hours per week
  • One-to-one tuition
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