Refresher and Intensive Courses

Refresher and Intensive Courses

Refresher Courses

Our refresher courses are designed to provide a quick and easy indepth look at a particular subject. If you feel you are struggling at one topic then these courses are for you.

Pioneer CDJ Course

This course will give you a detailed look at how to use all of the advanced features of the industry standard CD player.

Digital DJing

Digital DJing is the way forward. Today more and more DJ's are moving over to the digital format. This course takes you through the advanced Traktor Studio software.


Struggling with getting to grips with beatmatching? Want to perfect the art before that big gig coming up? This course will guide you in the correct way and iron out any bad habits you may have.


Scratching is one of the most difficult parts of DJing... it is also one of the most impressive parts. This short course will give you an introduction into the different scratch methods and let you know the best way to become the best at it.

Mixing in key

If you want perfect mixes everytime and mix like only the professionals do then you need to know how to mix using keys. This course simplifies the advanced subject.

Three and Four deck mixing

Mastered two decks? Then why not add a third or even a fourth? This course looks at using more than two decks to add acappellas, short breaks, beats and more using those extra decks.

Intensive Courses

If you don't have time to dedicate to a full programme of study, why not take an intensive crash course? Spend a weekend learning to DJ, or music production packages including Ableton Live and Reason.

Basic DJ (Weekend)

Make Music Now! (Weekend)

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