Three and Four Deck Mixing Refresher Course

Three Deck Mixing


This refresher course focuses adding another two decks to your mixes.

Mastered two decks? Then why not add a third or even a fourth? This course looks at using more than two decks to add acappellas, short breaks, beats and more using those extra decks.

All lessons are taught by industry professionals who have had years working with the equipment. You will get a one-on-one session so will have full attention of the tutor and access to the equipment at all times.

Course Breakdown

  • Adding an acappella
    • Making sure the BPM is correct .
    • Checking it's key.
    • Placing it correctly.
  • Adding a drum break between tracks.
  • Adding an extra beat or synth.

How this course will help?

  • Research shows that with a qualification and training you are 70% more likely to get hired.
  • You will feel more confident when first performing as you will have knowledge and secrets from the industrys best backing you up


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Course Details

  • Length: 1 Week
  • Cost: £120 inc VAT
  • Studio Time: 6 Hours
  • One-to-one tuition
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