Advanced Music Production

Advanced Music Production Course


This package is designed to get you started in music production as quickly as possible. It gives the student an in depth look into the software, hardware and techniques used in today's dance music industry.

We only teach one-on-one to ensure the student can learn at their own pace and not feel any pressure, plus the student gets to use all of the equipment at any time.

Course Breakdown

  • Music theory
    • Structuring a track
    • Major/Minor
    • Chords etc.
  • Synthesis
    • Subtractive, Additive, Granular, Wavetable
  • Sampling
    • Recording your own samples
    • Editing them into something completely new
  • Mastering
    • Make your tracks sounds loud.
    • Add the professional finish
  • Effects
    • Delays, Reverbs, Modulations, Filters etc.
  • Mixing
    • Professional mix your own tracks.
    • Add space to your tracks.
    • Make your tracks sound huge!
  • Vocals
    • Recording vocals and working with a vocal artist.
    • Editing vocals
    • Make them fit in your mix.
  • Remixing
    • How to remix tracks
    • How to get commisioned to remix commercial work.
  • + much more....

How this course will help?

  • Research shows that with a qualification and training you are 70% more likely to get hired.
  • You will feel more confident when first performing as you will have knowledge and secrets from the industrys best backing you up


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Course Details

  • Length: 24 Weeks
  • Cost: £1440 inc VAT
  • Studio Time: 2 hours per week
  • One-to-one tuition
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